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Telling your story with design for print

Every successful organisation strives to maintain a brand image that helps sell a product or service. Design for print helps visually communicate your idea by highlighting a feature or benefit that stands out from the crowd and connects with your target audience.

Why start with design for print?
The benefit of starting with design for print is that you can easily adapt digital files for online use and other mediums. Web pages require small low resolution images to help with faster browsing . You cannot resize low resolution files back to high resolution files for printing. Start with the large print quality files and then resize for online use.
Why is quality important with printing?
Print houses require high resolution digital files in order to print quality products.
The same industry standard software is used by both professional designers and print houses to achieve consistent results.
Design Process
Strategy + Content = Design
Whether you require a logo or brochure, it all starts with content. Ask yourself :
  • Who is my ideal customer?
  • What is their pain or problem?
  • What solutions can I provide?
Once we have those questions answered we:
  1. Start with a Roadmapping Session (Bring clarity to your mission, goals and message to create your unique brand personality)
  2. Create a Brand Identity (Unique to you with guide lines on how your brand works)
  3. Apply your brand identity to different deliverables (signage, brochures, newsletters etc)

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