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Wellingtonian Sam Wadham from Good Honest Copy provides writing solutions for businesses. He comes from a background in law, policy, and education, but has written mostly for the IT industry to date.

As part of his lead generating strategy, he uses social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn to help his audience connect with him on a personal level. This helps build trust with his audience as well as showcasing his expertise.

Check out his video on the Good Honest Copy Facebook Page.

For his ‘shop front’, Sam has also created a self-hosted website ‘Good Honest Copy‘ where he showcases case studies and testimonials. 


I recently created a business card for Sam to share with friends, colleagues and anyone he meets at network events. First impressions count, so we included a profile photo to get a sense of Sam’s personality and chose colours and typefaces that build trust.


Before sending the digital artwork off to the print house, I suggested Sam match his website and Facebook page to reflect his business card. This makes for a strong brand image.

Need help with your next copyrighting project? Contact Sam on facebook.


The Little Design Lab business card

Initially, I came up with my own business card design using a free online application
which I thought really fit the bill. When I showed it to Heather, she designed me a card from scratch
which reflected my online brand far better. 
The final product is far superior to what I came up with
originally with the free application, and is a perfect example of why it’s better
to go straight to design experts like Heather at the beginning of a project.

Sam Waham, Good Honest Copy

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