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Darryl Burling

Darryl Burling, biblical counselor, and author of Master New Testament Greek, approached me to create the look for his new online course ‘Transformative Quiet Times’.

His free ‘Transformative Quiet Times Workshop’ introduces people to his teaching style and helps them grow using basic Christian disciplines. His goal is to help as many people as possible and deliver an enjoyable user experience.

The design process for “Transformative Quiet Times” involved conceptualizing, planning and creating a solution that achieved the desired results. The messaging, imagery, colors, typefaces were consistently applied across various digital platforms to attract, engage and guide the user through the learning process.

Design and imagery for:
– Website
– Facebook posts
– Product box
– Video Lessons

Transformative Quiet Times, Darryl Burling

I’ve enjoyed learning and working behind the scenes with Darryl and appreciate the time, dedication and effort that goes into creating a quality digital course. I’ve asked Darryl to share a little more about his mission below.


Hi I’m Darryl,

My mission is to help Christians who want to be effective and fulfilled in every aspect of their life by providing them with information and training to grow in their relationship with the Lord and their effectiveness in serving in the church.

There are several ways I do this. The first is to put out regular information on my blog. I’ve recently finished a 1-year series focusing on quiet times, and I’m now starting a series on pursuing humility. I also create training resources to address specific needs I can address.

The first of these was launched recently and was called Transformative Quiet Times. I’ve also recently launched a membership program called Master New Testament Greek which is designed for those who have taken first-year Greek and who want to learn how to read the Greek New Testament fluently.

The goals of these two solutions are different. For Transformative Quiet Times, the goal is to introduce people to my teaching style and help them grow using basic Christian disciplines. This course is distinctive in that it combines my own education and experience in biblical counseling to give the disciplines theological teeth.

The goal of Master New Testament Greek is to help pastors particularly, and those who have a year of Greek to become more fluent in the Greek New Testament by systematically mastering it one book at a time.

Digital delivery allows me to reach people around the world, and in New Zealand eliminates the unwillingness people have to leave jobs and homes to grow through study.

Good design is integral to any digital product. You can have the best back end system or teaching in the world, but if the user experience is bad, people simply won’t benefit from it. We do a disservice when we serve poorly. Bad design results in poor service.

Darryl Burling

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