Heather Lee, The Little Design Lab, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


I’m a graphic designer who helps entrepreneurs get clarity on communicating their brand personality. Much of my background has been in the book publishing and advertising industry. I have a solid knowledge of creating files for high quality print which can also be adapted for online use.

My love for stories was realised in my role as senior designer at Streamline Creative, creating the book layout for Rolling Thunder: The Spirit of Karekare, written by Bob Harvey. The book showcases the history and stories of the local people and ecology. Karekare is one of New Zealand’s most hidden gems.

I love learning about the online world and connecting with others. Going from being a technician to business owner has taught me what it means to have a plan, be adaptable and see the bigger picture. Before you can start any design you need clarity on your message and a strategy to reach your target audience. Print design can be powerful with your online marketing strategy if you have consistency. The benefit of print is that is not only seen but felt.
Heather Lee
Founder of The Little Design Lab