What is brand identity?

In 2013, statistics suggest,  more than 2 billion people, myself included, have used the internet for research, shopping and social interaction. We bookmark sites of our favourite brands of clothing, electronics, music and more. So the vitality, image and trust associated with a brand name or business is more important than ever before.

As a business, ‘identity’ plays an integral part of your overall brand:
– your ‘logo’ is the face of your business
– your ‘brand’ is your perceived personality
– your ‘identity’ visually communicates your brand.

‘Identity’ is the visual aspect of your business that separates you from other brands. Your ‘identity’ will also have your target audience in mind. Consistency across various forms of media and platforms is important and makes for a strong identity. The best way to keep uniformity is to create and administer company guide lines for your visual content. The guide will include: symbols, fonts, colour palettes, layout etc.

Your ‘identity’ or ‘image’ is anything that visually represents your business:
– logo (simple symbol identifying your business)
– stationery (business cards, letterhead, invoices etc)
– print advertising (flyers, brochures, newspaper, books etc)
– online marketing (email, newsletters, websites, social media)
– packaging design
– signage
– apparell (corporate uniform etc)

As you can see, your ‘identity’ is more than your logo. Your uniqueness comes from your brand or personality but your ‘identity’ should reflect and support your brand visually.

Whether you are rebranding or creating a new brand for your business, ask yourself these questions:
Is my ‘identity’ easily recognised by my target audience?
Do I have guidelines in place to administer my ‘identity’ consistently online and for print?

“Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet profitable for others.” Orson Welles 

Heather Lee

Heather Lee

Heather has had many years experience as a graphic designer in both the advertising and publishing industry. She enjoys helping others by providing solutions to visual problems for print and the web.
Heather Lee

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