Two great ways to grow your business and personal life

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Ever felt like you lacked focus and clarity making decisions in your life?

Feeling overwhelmed with the tasks of the day?

Looking for ways to attain those aspirations?

Things like:

– getting that blog up and running

– putting systems in place for your finances

– spending quality/quantity time with your family

– finding time and resources to serve others


Have you asked yourself these questions?:

– How can I make the most of my God-given time, talents and resources?

– Where do I start?

– How do I reach my goals?

– Who can I go to for advice


I’ve been reminded of two things I need to cultivate in my personal and business life:

1. The need for mentoring and mentoring another

2. Giving and receiving through community

Over the years, there have been people in my life who have contributed to my successes. Even today I reap and benefit from what they have sown. Some are family members, friends, bosses, colleagues and spiritual leaders. Some directly and some indirectly through counsel and example, with passion and purpose to excel in all they do.

In recent times, I’ve been following blogger and career coach Jonathan Milligan, author of, and He and his friend Bob are co-founders of Blogging Your Passion University. Their passion is to help other bloggers become better bloggers. I decided to sign up with the university to get this blog up and running.

Since joining, I’ve learnt a lot as I follow step-by-step instructions and  put into action tasks and monthly challenges set by Jonathan. It’s amazing what you can do when you have clear direction and guidelines to follow. Sure, there have been technical glitches and obstacles along the way, but having someone to advise and cheer you on helps you ‘get to your destination’ and ‘get there quicker!’

Life certainly has its challenges but I’m constantly reminded that we don’t have to do it alone. In my personal life I’m encouraged by my spiritual family where we mutually encourage one another around God’s Word, share in failures and successes, learn, grow together, enriching one another’s lives.

Like-wise, as a small business owner, it’s nice to know I’m connected to a global community who have various talents and experiences I can share and grow with.



Do you have a mentor that you can emulate and follow, who will encourage you in using your God given time, gifts and talents?

Do you belong to a like-minded community, online or offline that you can be accountable to, learn from, share and grow with on a weekly basis?

Is their someone in your life that you can encourage by way of your time, resources and talents?

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