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Busy running a small business? If you are like me, most days are spent dealing with clients, making marketing decisions, following up sales leads, and then getting on with delivering the service or product that you sell.

Oh – and when that’s all taken care of – there’s the accounting. Unfortunately that often requires hours of unproductive data entry and headaches sorting through accounting paperwork.

Output is everything

I run a design business. Most of my time is spent with clients and suppliers working on projects.

When I started the business I lacked good systems and processes – accounting being one of them. It was easy to lose half a day hunting for receipts and invoices and I would often have to get on the phone and ask suppliers to send copies.

When you are busy growing a business the last thing you need is paperwork slowing you down. Paid work is put on hold just to keep up with the accounting.

There is a better and easier way

A friend suggested I try Xero accounting software. I was reluctant at first. It was just another thing to learn and I was already short of time. But then I discovered how it made data entry go away.

I could photograph receipts and invoices and the software would automatically record the data.

My business account transactions would also be automatically recorded by the software.

The idea of learning a new software scared me but the benefits of using an automated system far outweighed the fears. I sought out a Qualified Xero Adviser to help me set up an account. After 3 years using the technology, I don’t know how I ever managed before.

Four reasons why I love Xero

1. Run your business on the go

Login from anywhere, anytime, on any device including your smart phone.
Use Xero’s mobile app to reconcile, send invoices, or create expense claims.

2. Get paid faster with online invoicing.

3. Send online invoices to your customers.

Receive notifications when they’re opened.

4. Reconcile in seconds.

Xero imports and categorises your latest bank transactions. Just click OK to reconcile


Ten more reasons why over 800,000 subscribers love Xero.

  1. Interface is user-friendly and beautiful
  2. Collaborate with trusted advisors and your staff
  3. Have a clear, real time, overview of your current financial position
  4. Bank statements are automatically fed into your Xero account
  5. Xero connects with other cloud based business applications like Workflowmax
  6. All online, nothing to install, everything is backed up automatically
  7. Updates are free and available instantly
  8. No more software maintenance. Cloud service provider manages maintenance and service issues
  9. Xero subscription also gives you support and access to the Xero Business Help Centre including video tutorials, step-by-step guides
  10. Supportive Xero community where you can share your experiences and solutions with a world of Xero users.

Question? How do you keep your books up to date?

Heather Lee

Heather Lee

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