How to resize your Facebook photos in 9 easy steps

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If you’re considering using Facebook for social media then its important to give a good first impression. The first thing the eye is drawn to on a Facebook page is the Facebook profile picture and cover photo. So it makes sense to get those images looking visually pleasing so as not to distract from your message. For instance, we don’t want to have an image looking distorted or squished. Neither do we want text that looks blurry or pixelated making it unreadable.

If you are a regular Facebook user, you may have noticed that in mid 2014 Facebook updated the look of the page including changes to image sizes. As a result, previous cover photos and timeline images are now cropped differently. This can be frustrating, especially for a user new to online technology.

You may be wondering:

– What tool can I use to solve this technology challenge?

– What steps do I need to take to fix these image problems?

With this in mind I thought I would show you a tool I like to use called Picmonkey is a free photo editing tool that you can easily access from your web browser. I like it because it is simple and easy to resize and crop jpeg images.  You can set up a canvas size and perform basic edits i.e crop, rotate, photo effects, overlays, fonts, textures, frames and tools for touching up blemishes.

To show you how easy it is to use, I am going to do a quick tutorial on how to correct the size of your Facebook Profile picture.

Below are the steps to creating a photo that not only looks great but meets Facebook requirements.


The Facebook page cover photo with the profile picture looks like this:

facebook dimensions 2014










Lets get started!

Step 1 – In your favourite web browser go to:

Step 1


Step 2 – Choose a canvas for your design

Step 2


Step 3 – Click on ‘Resize’ button to change canvas size.

step 3


Step 4 – Change the pixel canvas size to the Facebook dimensions. Profile pic: 160px wide x 160px high, NB. Facebook Cover: 851px wide by 315px high

Step 4


Step 5 – Click on butterfly icon, then click on ”Your Own” to select profile photo from your computer.

Step 5


Step 6 – Upload your profile photo from your computer

step 6


Step 7 – Scale the photo to the canvas size you want by clicking and dragging the handles on the edge of the photo. Try not to distort the image by scaling it proportionately. NB. Notice below, I was able to crop out the pet rabbit in the background?

step 7


Step 8 – If the photo looks pixelated when you scale it (see screenshot below), that means the original file size is too small to use for Facebook. I would recommend uploading another photo. The larger the file size the crisper the image. If the file size is too small the image will always look distorted when you scale it to a larger size.

Step 8

Step 9 – Finally – Save your new canvas with the correct image size and crisp looking photo to your computer by clicking the “Save’ button. You are now ready to upload  your new profile pic to Facebook!





Do you use Facebook to promote your business? If so, does your profile and cover photo make a good first impression?

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