New Year’s Resolutions: Where to start?

new year's resolutions
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new year's resolutions


Have you a resolution for the new year? I have many but this year I have decided to focus on one at a time and start with baby steps. Thought I would share a couple of things that have helped me align my focus for the coming year.

A mentor and friend, Jonathan Milligan of ‘’ suggests choosing a one word “Theme” to focus on for the year. This is the process he now goes through instead of setting New Year’s Resolutions.

Start with prayer. Ask God how you fit into His plans. See the bigger picture. He will show you how you fit as the year progresses. He will give you your ‘Theme’ – the reason for why you do what you do.

Include your spouse/family in your planning – walk the journey with those you love.

Start your year with gratitude. Reflecting on the past year will energise you for the coming year. Think about your personal and business life, talents, skills, knowledge and experience you have developed.

Once in a mindset of gratitude you can then look back. It can be hard to look back but it will help you move forward.

If you have recurring themes then change them. Close the doors of the past and move on. Anything missing in your life then add it. Note the disappointments and regrets. Name the accomplishments you are proud of and the life lessons you’ve learnt in the past year.

Next step, ask God to give you an over-arching theme. He can help you see the areas of your life you need to change and the reason you need to change. Also what prevents you from having what you need, what needs to go and those things that you need to let go of to move forward.

Using your theme, set your 90 day goals. God will show you ‘how’ to accomplish those goals as you walk through the year!

My theme will be “Purpose” – what will your theme be?

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