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Before I started blogging, I had no idea how to attract people to my website. Someone once said – a website is an island on its own until you connect it to social media. That made sense to me, but I had no idea how to connect my website to social media or any other website for that matter.

In my previous post, ‘An introduction to blogging’, I mentioned how a blog is great for putting all your online content into one place. A place to log ones thoughts, ideas, experiences and share news with others. You can centralise all your information and then feed it out to your social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. By doing this you are creating and building a central resource that your audience can keep coming back to.

In this post I want to talk about the link between your blog, blog posts, pages, other websites and social media networks. We call these links web addresses, or URL’s and permalinks.

URL’s and permalinks are what people enter into their web browser address bar to view one of your posts or pages.


The domain name used for this website is ‘’ and the URL is:
This URL is the web address that people will use to find content on The Little Design Lab website.

URL domain name

Example of a URL address:
Domain name



A permalink is a web address for your posts or your pages on your blog. On a WordPress platform, each blog post has a permalink. Blog post permalinks are usually the same as the blog post title, so you know what the post is about.

Example of permalinks:

Blog Page permalink

page permalink


Blog Post permalink

blog post permalink


URL’s and permalinks can link to:

  • Pages on your own blog
  • Pages on other blogs/websites
  • Social networks i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+

Permalinks and social share buttons

Permalinks allow others to easily share your blog content to their social networks.

blog social share buttons


Tip: You can copy and paste a url or permalink into your social media posts to share with your audience.

facebook and permalinks


Once you have a basic understanding of URL and permalinks you can incorporate them almost anywhere. For example, you might like to embed a permalink of a video, audio file or even pdf within the body of a page or post.

Question? How have you used permalinks to connect with your audience and grow your online presence?

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