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I was first introduced to the fundamentals of graphic design as a student back in the 1990’s. During my training, I learnt the universal principals of type and layout, how to ‘visualise’ with markers, and design for print using a traditional method called ‘paste up’. Little did I know, at the time, the digital revolution was transforming the publishing and advertising industry. As a result, not only did I need to master the principals of design, but also the technical aspects of creating computer generated artwork for digital layouts. Along with the new technology came new expectations – speed, efficiency and quality.

By the time I had a few years’ experience in the industry, the growth and advancement of the internet and computer software had enabled the designer to produce high-end products and services with the ability to communicate with clients or printers from anywhere in the world. Even in more recent times, social media and mobile cross-platform devices have transformed the way we communicate visually. Traditional printing versus online advertising now co-exists and there are more platforms for delivery than ever before.

So, what does this mean for a graphic designer? Does design still have a role to play in society today? I believe, yes. Life is richer and more stimulating because of design. I also believe designers have a social role to play by adding value to their work and generously exchanging ideas.

As a visual communicator, I enjoy creating a product with value, that inspires and enhances the lives of others. I love learning new ways to creatively express ideas and by striving for design excellence, I try to add to what I know so I can help others in the process.

Therefore, the aim of this blog is to help individuals, professionals and design students grow in their understanding of design so they can build a brand identity that they not only love but gets noticed in the marketplace. I hope to share a glossary of industry terms, step-by-step guides, news on design trends, as well as resources and tools to inspire and inform.

Heather Lee

Heather Lee

Heather has had many years experience as a graphic designer in both the advertising and publishing industry. She enjoys helping others by providing solutions to visual problems for print and the web.
Heather Lee

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