Copyright and Creative Commons Explained

– Want to encourage readers to republish your blog posts, as long as they give you credit?

– Want people to share your photos but not have companies sell them?

– Looking for songs that you can use and remix, royalty-free?

I urge you to visit the Creative Commons website. Their About Page reads…

Creative Commons is a nonprofit organisation that enables the sharing and use of creativity and knowledge through free legal tools. Creative Commons licenses are not an alternative to copyright. They work alongside copyright and enable you to change your copyright terms to best suit your needs.

Here is a video called ‘Creative Commons Kiwi’ by Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand, which explains the CC licenses.  I found it visually helpful in explaining how the creative commons license works and the difference between that and a standard copyright licence.

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Heather Lee

Heather Lee

Heather has had many years experience as a graphic designer in both the advertising and publishing industry. She enjoys helping others by providing solutions to visual problems for print and the web.
Heather Lee

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