6 Strategies to help you overcome creative block

6 ways to help you overcome creative block
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6 ways to help you overcome creative block


I’m staring at a ‘blank page’. The curser is flashing. Hmmm… time for a coffee break. I wait for the jug to boil. I get distracted and start rearranging the office.

It’s not the first time this has happened. Ideas just don’t come as fast as what I would like, especially when there’s a deadline to meet. Whether we call it ‘writers block’ or ‘creative block’ – it is common to all creatives. So what do you do when you get stuck in a rut? How do you solve problems creatively? You may have your own strategies. I thought I would share with you some of mine.

6 strategies to get those creative sparks flying:

1. Avoid

Take a break and let the mind wander. According to Dr. Jonathan Schooler psychologist and brain scientist, “Mind wandering seems to be very useful for planning and creative thought”. So go for a walk or do whatever allows you to take time to reflect.

2. Think

Think about the problem then let your mind go. Rather than being focused on one particular line of thought let your mind wander and open up to other possibilities.

 3. Research

Be inspired! Read blogs, books, magazines, visit museums and galleries. Being inspired by the work of others.

 4. Collect

Start collecting design ideas, catchy headlines, photos, quotes, colour schemes. From your rich resource you can now develop your own ideas.

5. Sketch

Sketching helps you sort through all the information you’ve collected and makes unexpected connections between the elements. Even if you are not an artist simple drawings can bring ideas to life.

6. Take apart

Look at the problem from different angles. Be specific and ask the “Who”, What”, Why” and “When” questions to help you reach your “Aha” moment faster.



Do you have strategies for overcoming creative block? If so what are they?




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