4 Benefits of using Pinterest for Mood Boards

4 Benefits of using Pinterest Mood Boards

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4 Benefits of using Pinterest Mood Boards


Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms for image-sharing.

With Pinterest you can:

– create digital boards with various themes

– follow or follow others

– comment on other ‘pinned’ images

– repin a pin onto one of your own boards

Pinterest is a great tool to help with the design process

When working on a brief for a client Pinterest can be used to create a mood board. A mood board is a collage that is made up of pictures, colours and textures. Fashion designers, interior designers and graphic designers use mood boards to convey visual ideas. With Pinterest you can pin anything that represents your mood and help organise you thoughts.

There are 4 benefits of using Pinterest mood boards for the design process:

Pinterest Mood Boards help you:

1. Start on the same page

A client can help with the design process by providing examples of colours, websites, photos and images that they like. The designer can then get a clearer understanding of what the client is wanting then present concepts that best suits their brand.

2. Save time and money

As a designer, a mood board is useful for your clients because it allows you to communicate with them visually. It can help avoid misunderstandings with your client that can save you both time and money.

3. Clarify your direction

As a designer, it is a helpful way to gather together and develop your design concepts. By using a mood board it can help clarify the design direction and be a reminder of that direction throughout the design process.

4. Build a picture that speaks louder than words

As an art director, you can use a mood board when presenting a brief to your design team. Rather than relying on written or verbal instructions you can show the kind of look and feel you are trying to achieve.


Have you considered using Pinterest to help you with the design process?


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